About Abaqus

Abaqus is focused on providing hosted, cloud-api based machine-to-machine platform with support for a variety of specialized mobile devices, geoweb features and Web2.0 capabilities. The platform called myGeoTracking is used to build solutions for consumers and enterprise customers. Solutions hosted on myGeoTracking include an asset and resource tracking and management application, geo-tagged messaging application and proximity based marketing solution. The platform interfaces with a wide variety of devices such as phones, PNDs and telematics devices. The platform also provides a hosted, SaaS environment for custom development and rapid deployment of location-centric applications for mobile operators, online brands, device manufacturers, and more. The Abaqus team is comprised of executives from Philips Electronics, Qualcomm and Novell with years of experience in both the mobile and software platform industries.

Our History

In mid-2010, after a few years providing LBS, mobile & web product development services to clients, long-time technology entrepreneur Shailendra Jain (founder, CEO) and his colleagues noticed that the "where" trends, including geo-location and mapping were fast becoming integrated into everything that people were doing - from business and fitness to travel and photography. These trends were also moving away from solely traditional personal computing and web platforms to popular portable consumer devices such as phones, cameras, telematics sensors and other special-purpose machines. Beyond just geo-awareness, sensorial data from various devices were starting to be used by nearly everyone, everywhere.

Yet, they also noticed a critical inhibitor for sensor-use and geo-awareness in corporate customers. Traditional solutions required installations of expensive devices and special-purpose software & apps. Also, these solutions didn't combine a range of sensor data and location intelligence in a way that provided control and value to employees and businesses together. Bridging this gap– combining the flexibility of a cloud-based, always-on solution with easy to use privacy management and on-demand actionable sensor events became their impetus for founding Abaqus Inc.™

Meet our amazing team

Shailendra Jain


Mr. Jain was previously the CEO of Adamind, a company supplying multimedia technology solutions to the mobile markets worldwide. Mr. Jain spun out Adamind from Philips Electronics in 2004, successfully listed the company on AIM (London) and completed its sale in Q2 2007. Prior roles include at GM of a BU at Philips Electronics, VP at Wave Systems Corp., and Software Engineer/Architect at Novell (Serius Corp.) Mr. Jain graduated from University Of Utah with a BS and ME in Computer Science. View his profile on LinkedIn and his new favorite consumer-web service at www.scrambls.com.

Scott McCarty


Scott McCarty is a Senior Architect & Software Engineer with past experience including work on leading-edge document technology at WordPerfect, designing visual programming languages and researching Internet technologies as a member of the Advanced Development Group at Novell (acquired Serius Corp.)

Mike van Thiel


Mike has over 18 years of technology and management experience in a variety of industries including the Automotive, Political, Mortgage & Title and Healthcare markets. Mike currently holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at Vehix, Inc (a Comcast company), a multi-platform digital automotive network where he played a key role in transforming and preparing the Vehix technology for the acquisition by Comcast in early 2008. Before joining Vehix, Mike held the position of CTO at Xi Corporation focussed on providing business intelligence solutions to the political market. Prior to that he held the position of Director of Development at Ingenix, Inc., a subsidiary of United Health Group. Mike earned a Masters Degree in Computer Science as well as a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Utah.